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Empowering Connections

Friday, April 7th, 2017

Empowering Connections

This year's conference is about being aware of the world around us and making connections that empower us.

TEDxUTD2017 Speakers

Amber Soriano


Think Inside the Box

A talk on the use of discipline learned through martial arts can be used to thrive in the creative field.

Steven Dunn


To Kill the Monster - Empowered Treatment of Eating Disorders

A talk on eating disorders and how we can raise awareness to save lives.

Joshua Danielson


Why Do Cyber Attacks Continue to Happen?

A talk on cyber-space focused talk on knowing the danger of that the cyber world presents and building awareness for it.

Anwesha Bhattacharjee


The Case of the Disappearing Languages

A talk on the importance to fight for mother languages in this day and age.

Samuel Grayson


Creative Thinking in Math Class

A Math-oriented talk about math education reform & how we can restructure the way we learn math.

Jenna Quinn


Stopping the Silence as a Voice for the Voiceless

A talk about the terrifying truth on sexual abuse and how we must educate our educators on the warning signs of abuse.

With peformances by AC Desi & Allie Neenan

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TEDxUTD2017 Conference Organizers

Executive Board


Conference Team
SAISARIPELLA Director of Conference

DELIAAPPIAH MENSAH Asst. Director, Speaker Coordination

NIVEDITANATARAJ Asst. Director, Logistical Coordination

SAI PRIYAPATEL Asst. Director, Event Coordination
Salon Team
MUNEEBASHIEKH Director of Salons

FATIMAKHAN Asst. Director, Logistical Coordination

PRIYANKAJAGANATHAN Asst. Director, Speaker Coordination
Marketing Team
IAALAYON Director of Marketing

FATIMAZAIDI Asst. Director, Social Media Coordination

ALAAENASSER Asst. Director, Photography/Videography Coordination

JOYEEBASU Assistant Director of Marketing

ISWARIYABASKAR Information Liaison

MICHELLELANDRY Information Liaison

With special thanks to our volunteers, our speakers, and DR.McCLAINWATSON